About the Village Follies
Who We Are
The Village Follies, founded more than 35 years ago, is dedicated to
raising money to support the Winnetka Community House.  This facility
enriches the lives of North Shore residents, their families and friends by
providing educational, cultural, social, and recreational opportunities
for people of all ages.

Board Of Directors 2017 - 2018
Maurice Gauthier (Chairman)
Emily Matz (Vice Chairman)
Lisa Sarwar (Secretary)
Kolin Leonard (Treasurer)

Marge Clingan (Chairman Emeritus)
Chris Degaitas
Bridgit McNulty
Kate Moulton
Geneva Royal
Marie Schnieder

Fundraising Efforts
Since the Community House does not receive tax dollars, it’s important
to the Village Follies to continue our annual efforts so we remain as
one of pillars of our community.  To do this, we have several
fundraising events throughout each year in addition to the patron's
party and auction.

Our Annual Variety Show
As you may know, we produce an original variety show; this is our
major fundraising event.    In addition to being fun and fostering
camaraderie, the show draws support from those in the community, as
well as our friends and family.

Playbill Advertising
For each show, we create a show program.  In addition to show
information, it has space for advertisers-like you!  By placing an ad with
us, you will be supporting our efforts to sustain the Winnetka
Community House. You will also reach between 1,000 and 1,200 North
Shore residents, who make up our audience.

Please join us in helping keep this fine facility operating now, and in
years to come.  Our captive audience will take note of you and your
support of our efforts!